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Title Version Description Download Min. version KVIrc Last update Author Screen
Auto away 2.0.2Upgraded auto away. tar.gz 4.2.0 11.10.2016 alexzulu No
Bookmarks 2.0.0Keep your bookmarks and manage. tar.gz 4.2.0 05.11.2016 alexzulu Yes
Channel Operations 1.0.0Provides toolbar buttons for several commonly used channel operations. tar.gz 4.0.2 05.10.2010 Szymon Stefanek(Pragma) Yes
Channel Statistics 2.0.0Shows Statistics for a joined channel. tar.gz 4.0.2 29.09.2016 g00dsP33D Yes
Debug tools 0.0.1Debug tools for KVS tar.gz 4.2.0 02.03.2013 alexzulu Yes
ExtioNickTracker by extio 5.6.3This is a script designed for KVIrc, a client program. I wrote this script from scratch, it allows a user to track the previous nicks of other users based on usernames and IP hostmasks. tar.gz 4.2.0 25.05.2017 extio No
Favorites 1.0.2Create a list of favorite channels and manage them. tar.gz 4.0.2 17.03.2013 alexzulu No
Install.kvs generator 3.0.1The script to automatically create an installer file install.kvs. Added the ability to package an add-on in * .tar.gz or * .kva. tar.gz 4.2.0 12.06.2017 alexzulu Yes
Highlight Management Script 1.4.0Highlight Management Script goes beyond KVIrc's basic highlighting functionality allowing you to prevent all highlights from particular channels and/or nicks, along with a new highlight log window and the ability to log to file. Normal highlight configuration is done in the usual way, this script basically adds a blacklist on top. tar.gz 4.2.0 25.05.2017 OmegaPhil No
Highlight log 0.4.0Highlight log and viewer tar.gz 4.0.2 28.02.2017 alexzulu No
Lag control 0.0.6Automatically reconnect a client to a server with a long delay. tar.gz 4.0.2 09.09.2011 alexzulu No
New channels highlight 0.0.1New channels highlight tar.gz 4.2.0 10.07.2017 alexzulu No
Nick alerts 0.0.1Test version!!! tar.gz 4.2.0 02.03.2017 alexzulu No
Repository browser 3.0.8Repository browser. tar.gz 4.2.0 18.01.2017 alexzulu Yes
Repository browser updater 1.0.0Special script for updating Repository browser tar.gz 4.2.0 04.09.2017 alexzulu No
Reverse2 2.6.4Reverse2 - keyboards char-reverse tar.gz 4.0.2 04.10.2010 runkoff No
SysInfo 1.2.2SysInfo alias. tar.gz 4.4.2 29.09.2016 un1versal No
TextEffects by extio 9.2.0TextEffects by extio tar.gz 4.2.0 08.05.2017 extio No
Tools buttons panel 0.0.1A small panel with buttons frequently performed commands. tar.gz 4.0.0 16.11.2010 alexzulu No
ZNC tool 0.1.0Menu for ZNC bouncer. tar.gz 4.0.0 17.02.2013 Prof. BiG BanG No


Title Version Description Download Min. version KVIrc Last update Author Screen
Amaranth 1.6.1An interface to the Mediaplayer module tar.gz 4.0.2 04.10.2010 Blaze Yes
deadbeef player control 1.0.3deadbeef player control. tar.gz 4.0.0 07.12.2012 Prof. BiG BanG No
Hell Mediaplayer 0.1.0A simple script for announcing mp3s that are played by someone. tar.gz 4.0.2 04.11.2016 HelLViS69 No
The player control 1.0.2Player control script with the custom string display the currently playing song in the channel. tar.gz 4.0.2 22.12.2014 alexzulu No
The Twins Mediaplayer 1.1.0An interface to the Mediaplayer module to play music and advertise it tar.gz 4.0.2 04.10.2010 Ahinu No


Title Version Description Download Min. version KVIrc Last update Author Screen
Hush 0.4.1XDCC Search System tar.gz 4.9.2 01.04.2020 hush No
Newsticker: The RSS News Reader 2.0.0Displays RSS news feeds from various sources. Updated for KVIrc 4.2.0. tar.gz 4.2.0 14.10.2016 Szymon Stefanek(Pragma) No
Sticky Notes Pastebin Utility 2.0.0Sticky Notes Pastebin Utility tar.gz 4.0.2 25.01.2012 alexzulu No Utility Utility tar.gz 4.0.4 08.02.2012 alexzulu No


Title Version Description Download Min. version KVIrc Last update Author Screen
Minesweeper Game 1.1.0A nice "time eater" tar.gz 4.2.0 12.10.2016 Szymon Stefanek(Pragma) Yes


Title Version Description Download Min. version KVIrc Last update Author Screen
[Diksi] slaps 1.0.0Menu with these funky slaps. You can scoff at the people on the channel. tar.gz 4.0.2 04.10.2010 [Diksi] No
Slaps and greetings 0.0.1Slaps and greetings. tar.gz 4.0.0 13.10.2011 unknown No
The Twins Input Text Coloriser 1.2.0Colorizes your text in channel, queries and DCC chats. tar.gz 4.0.2 04.10.2010 Ahinu No